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Re: [IP] Driving Us Crazy

Gianna...as far as I know, Rhode Island does not require drivers to mark 
whether they are insulin dependent or not.  There is an "insulin dependent" 
restriction on the license form (the original form you get), but when I went 
for my license, I didn't see it and didn't check the box.  The next time I 
went to the registry to renew my license, I asked the people at the Registry 
about it, and they told me that box only applies to truck drivers.  I found 
that to be a little weird, but if that's what they say, then OK.  I ask them 
every time I go to renew my license, and they tell me the same thing every 
time.  So, I'd ask them, but they will probably tell you the same thing.  
Which registry are you going to?  I have only gone to the West Warwick one, 
so maybe if you go to another, like the Pawtucket one or the one inside Rhode 
Island Mall, they might have a different answer for you.  You never know, the 
whole DMV is messed up in RI!!  Kelly
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