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Re: [IP] Mixed Emotions on Pump Approval & Walk for a Cure $ Raised


I had done a lot of research, read pumping insulin, attended pump support 
groups, met other children on the pump etc. before deciding to put my then 7 
year old son on the pump.  When the pump arrived, I too had mixed emotions.  
I knew the pump was the right way to go but suddenly was faced with the fear 
of the unknown.  We had lived with giving him MDI for 6 years (since he was 
15 months old) and that was FAMILIAR.  The week before he started pumping 
insulin, his bgs appeared to look more even than ever before.  The 
apprehension  and/or mixed emotions you are feeling are so justified.  
Zachary's been pumping over 4 years now.  I can honestly say there hasn't 
been one day that I wished he would go back to injections.  Yes there are 
frustrations with pumping, but they can be overcome.  In retrospect the 
injection therapy problems were insurmountable day to day.

And thanks so much for sharing the wonderful job you did with the walk for 
the cure.  Bravo.  Every dollar you and your friends raised will help 
everyone of our loved ones with diabetes while the researchers work to cure 
diabetes.  We should all be out there advocating like you did! 

With  heartfelt gratitude to you and all the others who joined in this effort,
Ellen H. Ullman
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