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[IP] I'm bummed

OK, tomorrow (today?) the pump arrives and I want to get started NOW! 
Only problem is, the GD tech from MM won't be "available" until next
week Thursday (another WEEK!).  I'm quite computer and technical
literate and have no problem programming things, so my question is... 
should I wait for the tech/support/set-up person, or just blast ahead on
my own?  I mean, how difficult can it BE?  It's not rocket science, is

Right now, I'm injecting 18 units of N plus another 12 of Humulin (H) at
breakfast.  Another 12 of H at lunch.  18-20 of H at dinner and 18 of N
before bedtime.  BG's are well within normal ranges (80-175, averaging
125) and I've had NO Hypo or Hyper episodes at all (knock wood).

I assume that I should have a basal rate of 36 units over a 24 hour
period (.7 per half hour), with corresponding bolus (normal or sq wave)
for meals.  I also understand that multiple BG testing will be needed to
refine both over time. 

So, what's the thought here.  Should I, or not?  And, if so, any
suggestions for baselines and boluses?  Oh yeah, I'll be pumping H only.

I kind of trust you folks a whole lot more then the salespeople from the
pump company, since you live with the day to day realities of pump use.

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