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Re: [IP] How long did it take to get on the pump?

>I would like to know how long it took from the time you even mentioned 
>to your doctor, until the time you started pump therapy.

Hi Jamie-- i was VERY VERY lucky in that it took me only one month--i 
mentioned it to my doctor, who I felt was reluctant, switched doctors the 
next week, got approved that day, had my pump in two weeks, went for 
training two weeks later.  Like I said, VERY lucky, considering I was dx'd 
just about 5 months ago.  I "celebrated" my four month anniversary of 
diabetes with an ice cream sundae and a dual wave bolus.  Now how many 
people can claim THAT?  :)  Good luck with your pump!! I hope you get it 
quickly . . .--Gianna, pumping 23 days

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