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Re: [IP] Driving Us Crazy

 >I want to compile a list of diabetic 'restrictions' etc. for drivers
 >(autos) in the US of A - well okay, Canadians- obviously you can not only
 >drive cars but trucks.  I move around a bit and so far this is what I know:

 >Oregon- had to have a doc's note to say you're okay

The last time I renewed my license in Oregon (1996), the only related 
question that I remember said something about whether I had any medical 
condition that ever caused me to lose consciousness or control while 
driving. I said no, and that was the end of that. I don't recall having to 
present a medical certificate when I traded my California license for an 
Oregon permit, way back in '79.

I think sometimes we can be too honest about things and that just confuses 
the issue with the bureaucrats. I can honestly say that I've never lost 
consciousness while driving, so I don't feel the least bit guilty... and 
they don't have a need to know the rest of the story. There was no specific 
question about diabetes that I recall.

My license is due for renewal in February of next year... I'll let you know 
if there are any changes.


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