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Re: [IP] Driving Us Crazy

Let me tell you about my California experience with DMV.  When I moved here
10 years ago from Utah, I dutifully applied for my license, and was told
(because I too was honest on my application) that I would require a Cert.
from an MD.  This was really no surprise since I had been required to visit
my endo regularly and submit an annual letter to DMV (the doc's office did
the paperwork, so it was no biggie).

We got into trouble when they confiscated my UT license and gave me one of
those lovely paper temps.  They would not accept a note from my endo in Salt
Lake, so I had to find a new Dr.., have all my records transferred, get
forms filled out and submitted...the whole thing took about six weeks.  I
was finally told by DMV that I now had to undergo an "interview" (it turned
out to be three, in three different DMV offices) with an officer from the
DMV who had to approve my license.  Well, after all this I was graciously
granted a License to Drive in the State of California...BUT..on a
probationary basis.  If my "medical condition" worsened or I received any
moving violations, my privilege would be revoked.

Everything went great for 4 years.  When I renewed in 93, I passed my test
and was told at the local office there would be no problem.  There wasn't
for six months.  In November I got letter telling me my license was
suspended dating from my last birthday, and that I was not to drive a car
under any circumstances.  I even tried to get a dispensation for work, but
no go(This really got to me because I know they will let convicted drunk
drivers drive to and from work).  Well, I had to go through the whole dog
and pony show again,   and was given  my license back.  I didn't want to ask
if it was still probationary.
I renewed in 97 with no hitches, so I still have my fingers crossed.

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>I want to compile a list of diabetic 'restrictions' etc. for drivers
(autos) in the US of A - well okay, Canadians- obviously you can not only
drive cars but trucks.  I move around a bit and so far this is what I know:
>California - no restrictions or qualifications (when I lived there 25 years
>Oregon- had to have a doc's note to say you're okay
>New Hampshire- no restrictions or qualifications
>Virginia- no restrictions or qualifications
>Arkansas- no restrictions or qualifications
>Ohio- somebody said recently you had to have a physician's 'approval'
>Arizona- all I know is what Fran said- if you have a low and call the
paramedics EVEN IF YOU"RE NOT DRIVING they'll suspend your license
>Please email me at email @ redacted

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