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[IP] exercise effects

>I have found that if I work out in the morning - even if my blood sugars are
>perfect when I am done, I need to bolus two units.
>My interpretation is that my liver says "whoa this girl needs energy!" and
>dumps sugar - which doesn't stop with the workout.

I'm sure this is true, especially if the workout is anaerobic in nature. The 
stress of an intense workout triggers the release of stored glycogen. I have 
also noticed that by exercising consistently, the stores of glycogen are 
depleted so that there is not a soar of Bg during and following the workout. 
Consistently exercising in moderation conditions the body to that exercise 
and you don't get the increase of Bg. Often it's just the opposite, the Bg 
drops. On days that I run following a couple of days off, my Bg throughout 
the workout and for hours following the workout are more dependent on my 
pump staying on with a temporary basil decrease or increase; depending on my 
meter readings. When I'm running for the fifth day in a row, my Bg is more 
difficult to keep stable and I generally run with the pump off. Racing is 
especially tricky and it displays your mentioned response very clearly. When 
you tax you cardiovascular system intensely, look for the release of stored 
glycogen. If I eat a small amount of glucose or complex carb before the 
workout or race, my Bg don't go as high during the event. The key to 
successful workouts for me is checking my Bg and adjusting accordingly. It 
still is a guessing game that gets frustrating at times. Just keep the body 
moving cause it's worth the effort.

Bill King (email @ redacted)
Customer Service Manager
Animas Corporation
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