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[IP] Blood in Cannula/ No "No Delivery Alarm"

90 % of the time Kelly's cannula has blood in it when I remove it on the third day.  We use tenders, 50% reg 50% humalog, inserted at about 20 degrees on her bottom or tummy.  We've only had one instance where it instantaneously filled with blood, leading us to change the site immediately.  The rest of the time, I either begin to see it in the cannula on the third day, or can't see it at all until we remove it.  It looks like flecks of
dried blood.  This hadn't concerned me until last night.  Kelly went to a birthday party at 5PM, with a BS of 224 (unusually high for that time of day).  I bolused her down accordingly, and gave her a list of how much to bolus for the various foods she would be eating at the party.  I then went out, leaving my husband at home to pick up the kids, get them ready for bed etc.  When he picked Kelly up at 7PM, he asked her what she had
eaten, and then he checked to make sure she bolused correctly.  At 8PM he had her check her BS before bed, and she read it off to him, so he could write it on the chart....248.  I got home at 10PM, looked at the chart, saw that my husband had corrected her to 100, so I went off to yell at him, because before bed I only correct to 150.  Well, before yelling I went to check Kelly's BS, sure that she would be low, but instead I found her
going to the bathroom, drinking water....a bad sign for her in the "middle of the night".  So I checked her, and the monitor said "HI", so in total disbelief, I grabbed another monitor, which also said "HI", but no ketones present.  Meanwhile we're searching documentation to find out how high "HI" really is, and I just about lost it when I realized it meant she was over 600.  Of course, we immediately gave her a shot, and started
pumping the water through her, and as I prepared to change the site, I found the cannula to be half- way filled with the blood specks (something my husband can't even see, because he's color blind).  So as we're sitting there in total bewilderment, as to how she could go from a little high to really high in 2 hours with no food, even with a clogged cannula, we thought of something....we checked the bedtime reading, and Kelly had told my
husband 248, but to a six year old, a digital 2 colsely resembles a 5, and she was actually 548 at 8PM, but had told him 248.  A totally understandable mistake on her part, as she's accustomed to readings in the 200's and has never seen one in the 500's, but it made me realize, we trust this 6-yr old with some heavy duty responsibilities, and we need to always remember that she is only 6.  Anyway, Kelly never developed ketones, and we
lowered her slowly.  So now the questions:

Should we have gone to the ER?
How can we avoid these blood specks?  Deeper angle, more shallow?
Why didn't we ever get a No Delivery Alarm (disetronic)?  She has a low basal rate, but she did some substantial bolusing at that birthday party.

Sorry so long, and thanks for any advice!

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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