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Re: [IP] packing kid pumpers' lunches for school

My husband packs my son's lunch and puts an index card in with the total carb 
count.  My son lets us know what he wants for lunch and he's always been the 
kind of kid who finishes 99% of it.  If he thinks he won't eat it all, he'll 
subtract some of the bolus.  Some friends mark each item so the child can 
bolus per item.  I think it's fine to help our kids.  When my son is home and 
getting himself breakfast or a snack or another meal, he calculates it all.  
He's 11 and has been on the pump for 4 years.  I still think it's important 
to let them feel like we're on the team and the whole burden of diabetes 
isn't on them.

I only recently taught him to change his own site.  He watched me do it for 4 
years and so far he's cleaning it pretty well.  The endo wasn't all that 
excited that he's doing his own site changes - she said she's seen a lot of 
kids who are handed all the responsibility of the pump get too cocky and 
parents lose some influence.  

I'm slower than most about handing everything over to him.  Hopefully by the 
time he goes to college, right? LOL.  

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