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[IP] Pump Questions

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 Chuck.k" wrote:

> OK, It T-2 for the arrival on my pump (MiniMed 507C) and my mind is
> racing with questions about it.

>First off.  Infusion sets.  Do they really NEED to be changed every 2-3
>days, or is this a marketing thing (in order to sell more supplies)?
This is the most YMMV item on the pump as far as I can tell.  I know myself
that after about 2 1/2 days I CANNOT stay on the same catheter because my
sugars will rise above safe level.  After four days I start growing large
baseballs next to catheter.  (After a week I get a basketball I guess but
I'm not willing to try).

>Are there any other sources for supplies for the pump (or are the
>supplies from the 'other' pump mfg. any cheaper)?  I know they will
>work, but.......

There are a number of 'we'll charge your insurance company $600.00 for
$400.00 of supplies and be happy that we get 80% (since 80% of 600 is
$480.00 i.e. more than they would have gotten for FULL price.

The insurance companies by now are learning the 'real price' of equipment
and are getting quite 'only up to standard and customary' about what they
will pay for supplies, so...

By the way: cost of supplies IS quite high but who is going to pay for R&D
staff, support staff and other goodies we expect from pump suppliers if not

>and WHY does the damned pump cost $5000 for a NEW one, but only $450 for
>a "refurbished" one?  (but you can't buy a refurb FIRST!)

See above

>Third question.  Whets the story on MiniMeds (supposed) wearable BG
>monitoring device?  Is this ALSO vaporware?  No one at the company would
>confirm or deny, other then to say it's coming.
Approved for doctor use.  Going into testing for home use.
I recommend minimed's sight for info on this.

End of insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #503

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