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[IP] exercise effects

A couple of different posssiblities come to mind:
(1) You are going low as your body tries to replenish your depleted muscle
glycogen by taking glucose from the blood stream and then getting a rebound
high from Adreneline.  This is probably unlikely if you are awake as you
would sense a low but may happen if you go to bed after a game and wake up
(2) Stress hormones released during a game start to show up after the game
is over so that you look ok right after the game but not a few hours later
once the stress hormones have had time to drive up your sugars.  I think
this the more likely culprit.  The reason you may experience this after
squash but not walking is that squash is both physically and mentally more
demanding than walking and therefore more likely to release stress
hormones.  I often find my blood glucose rises after high intensity
excercise.  I belong to the International Diabetic Athlete's Association
(IDAA) and we are working on an article on exercise driving up blood sugars
which is due to appear in the next newsletter which should be out sometime
soon.  The article will include a discussion of dealing with this problem
using MDI and pumps.  The IDAA is an excellent organization for anyone who
is into excercise whether moderate or extreme and I would urge anyone with
excercise related concerns to join.  They have a webb page at
http://www.diabetes-exercis.org eand their e-mail is
email @ redacted if you want to contact them for the upcoming
article when it is published.  

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