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[IP] fifty-50 pharmacies

I often use http://www.fifty50.com and they also deal with insurance pretty

Not to bash fifty-50, because I believe in what they are doing, but I have a
totally different experience with them.  I used them for 3 months, and in
those 3 months I had a problem every single month.  They normally keep all
your information on file and automatically ship out your supplies at the
beginning of every month.  The first week of every month they would call me
and tell me they couldn't ship out Jessica's supplies because they didn't
accept her insurance.  Every month we had a battle until they realized that
they DID accept it.  Then one month they told me the insurance restricted
how many test strips she could get and sent me half her supply.  This too I
fought and they realized they were wrong.  Then when I got my supplies, in
Texas in 100+ degree heat, the insulin was packed in nothing more than a
styrofoam container and was very, very warm. (as were the test strips)  So I
would call and they told me try the insulin, if it doesn't work right we
will send you more!!  TRY it?!?!  and let my daughter suffer through highs
while we decide if it's any good??  Now we have new insurance (finally came
through) and they claim they don't accept the secondary insurance at all,
but if I will give them my credit card  number they will happilly bill my
credit card for the part the secondary insurance would pay.  No thank you.
The reason I have the insurance is so I don't HAVE to pay it!  We now use a
local pharmacy that just started accepting  BOTH my insurance plans and I am
so far very pleased with them.  I still buy fifty-50 products in the grocery
store, but will not deal with the mail order pharmacy any longer. 

just my .02 (or $70 as they wanted me to pay with my credit card)
Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 

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