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[IP] YIPEE-Approved!

The Disetronic rep called yesterday and talked to Shane. Says all has been
approved and the pump(s) should be here by Friday! Now he just has to
setup an appointment with the CDE to get "assimilated". Apparently the
insurance (Aetna) has already agreed to pay for everything too. He said
that Aetna and Disetronic have some sort of agreement and even if we
hadn't reached out-of-pocket they would have worked something out between
them so we still wouldn've have had to pay!
It's a good thing there will be 2 pumps, because we are both techie
junkies and we will each have one to play with this weekend. I want to
learn how to run everything too, just in case he should ever need help. He
thinks that since he already wears a pager for work, it won't be hard to
get used to wearing the pump all the time.

Also, in true Borg fashion, he has decided to name it "one of two" (the
backup will of course be "two of two").

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help in deciding on a pump.
I'm sure we'll have lots more questions and find lots more help here once
we get started.

Laura, very excited wife of Shane

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