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[IP] working on this temp basal

well, last night geneva was running high at 3pm until dinner.  I think I might have to blame her peanut butter sandwich at lunch. 
bedtime at 9:15       BG  167
corrected to 137
started a temp basal when she hit pillow  of 1.1 this time (I wanted to be a bit more aggressive this time) which lasted until 1 am.
upped her 1 am from  0.2 to 0.3
back down to  0.2  at   4 am
up to   0.5  at  wakeup    (7 am)
11 pm   232
2 am      234
(gave 1.0 to correct to 134)
7 am     223
sure does blow a whole in any theory that I might have!
the highs are back.
mom to geneva
age 10 1/2 and GROWING