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[IP] Attn. Julia Child

When I read your profile, I just about fell over.  I am 31, been a ID
diabetic for 7 years and also have a 3 year old son.  My first pregnancy

was hard work but it was worth it.  I never had a BG over 140 and when
Gardiner was born he weighed 6lb. 14 oz.  He did need to go into
intensive care though.  The nurses shut off my insulin and so G crashed
after birth.  He recovered really quickly.  I just started on the pump
this summer.  My doctor felt that it would help me because I went  low
all the time and the paramedics needed to be called when my husband
found me uncounsiocus with our son playing in the next room.  The second

reason was because my insulin needs were so high.  Normally I took 35NPH

in the am and 65NPH at bedtime.  I also injected humalog with each
meal.  When I was 9 months pregnant, I was taking 112 and 175 NPH, with
meals averaging 20units of Humalog each.   I am very eager to get
pregnant again and had been doing beautifully on the shots.  The pump
has been difficult to fing the correct basal rates and it seems like my
needs change on a daily basis.  I am also very anxious about all that
could go wrong.  The batteries, the site, running out,  not aborbing,
etc...  I am just not good with new things and really want to be
comfortable with everything before I get pregnant.  And I am frustrated
because I wanted to do it in June!!!  I would love to hear from you.  My

e-mail is email @ redacted

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