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Re: [IP] re: which pump, and PROBLEMS no matter . . . . .

gianna marzilli wrote:

> Oh well.  I guess diabetes is just like that . . . .sigh.  

Another list member (Renee, I think), has mentioned "insulin black hole"
and "carb black hole" as ways to describe the fact that we can't always
know all the factors that affect bgs.  When I have one of those days
where things just don't make sense, I find thinking that it must be a
"black hole day" makes it easier to deal with bad days.  

I expect the equation for bgs to be something like 2 + 2 = 4.  I think
the real equation is 2 + 2x = ? where x is usually close to 1 but I
don't ever know what it is.


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