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[IP] Merck-Medco

We also have Merck-Medco.  We can get any strips we want.  Josh uses a 
FastTake now, but has used an AccuCheck Advantage and a One Touch.  M-M 
prefers the AccuCheck, but will send us whatever our doctor orders.  The 
insulin comes in an insulated package, but they no longer put ice packs in 
it.?!  UPS has left it on our doorstep even though it is clearly marked "keep 
cool"  and also "Adult signature required."  We have never had a problem with 
the insulin being bad or going bad quickly even though it is not delivered 
under optimum conditions.  I called them one time to have them hold an order 
when it took longer than I thought and we were going out of town for a week.  
They told me they couldn't hold it (go figure), but they managed to deliver 
it before we left.  I would prefer to get my meds through a local pharmacy, 
but have no other choice.
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