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Re: [IP] cost of supplies


Usually, Eli Lilly is willing to replace a bottle of insulin that you 
suspect is bad. I've done this a number of times. Call them, discuss the 
situation with them. Obviously, it's not in anyone's best interest to use 
insulin which is suspect.

Now the kicker. They don't send you replacement insulin. They send you a 
"coupon" which you then give to your pharmacist or supplier for redemption. 
Apparently, the coupons are audited by a third party, so details are very 
important. The fine print on the coupon indicates a prescription for the 
insulin you're replacing must be on file. So, in your case, you'd gain 
little, since your current mail order supplier would be the one who'd have 
to redeem the coupon. Hmmm, a free coupon to take to the vendor who screwed 
it all up to begin with - arggggh!!!!! Such a deal :-|

Try this: have your doc write a prescription for your insulin to the local 
pharmacy. Just file it with them, don't fill it (or buy one bottle to 
"activate" the prescription). When you get a funky bottle of insulin, call 
Eli Lilly at 1-800-Lilly-Rx. Ask them to replace it for you, then take the 
coupon to your local pharmacy. They'll process it against your prescription 
which is now on file.

I've done this, it works, and it's on my list of "tricks to get by / things 
I've learned while entertaining myself with diabetes".

BTW, document in writing any problems you have with your supplier. I also 
live in NY, had major probs with a mail order supplier my wife's insurance 
plan insisted on using. They boiled insulin in the summer, froze it in the 
winter, lost shipments, refused to replace what had been lost. I sent all 
the documentation to the union person dealing with the plan supplier - they 
promptly dumped the supplier.

Eventually, someone's going to smarten up and force suppliers, distributors 
and manufacturers to devise a way to guarantee drugs are not destroyed 
during shipment. We've spoken to the manufacturers, who insist it ain't 
their problem once it leaves their plant. The FDA doesn't control trucking 
and shipping. The Postal Service, UPS and FedEx aren't interested in 
running drug stores. In other words, once it leaves the manufacturer's 
facility, it's a crap shoot.

Bob Burnett - I'm not cheap, but I'm no dummy, either :-)
mailto:email @ redacted

At 04:46 PM 9/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
>        Well, I WISH our mail order would refuse to send us insulin, because
>we MUST order ANY maintenance drug (including insulin) through mail order and
>they have sent it to us in 110 degree heatwave in a REGULAR padded envelope
>through the REGULAR mail!  AND they expected us to still use it!  We live in
>NY, so part of the year heat is not a problem, but to send it in July, during
>a heatwave without refrigeration or insulation is ridiculous!  They just sent
>it in a padded envelope and from the postmark, I could tell it had taken 5
>days to reach us!!  I refused to use it and they made us wait another 2 and a
>half weeks to get more.   Instead of just replacing it, they said they
>couldn't REFILL (it WASN'T a REFILL!) a prescription so soon without my
>doctor's authorization so they decided to wait a week to call him and THEN
>take yet another week to mail it out....AT WHICH POINT, they sent it
>overnight, but STILL in just a stupid padded envelope.  I have SO many more
>horror stories about our mail order and unfortunately we have no other choice
>but to use it, or PAY for everything ourselves.....Just one more insurance

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