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[IP] Re: Driver's License Suspension

Hi Fran!
The story about your CDE friend having her license suspended for having an insulin reaction and calling the paramedics infuriates me.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's not illegal.  I mean afterall she wasn't even driving.   And the 'get it fixed' attitude would be laughable if it weren't so tragic for your friend-  I mean do these folks think we wouldn't like to get it fixed (so that it'll never happen again0 - would that we could!!  I think your friend should contact a lawyer and the ADA.  Not just so she can get her license back sooner - but that too- but because if this is going to be the protocol of the future we've got some serious  issues to deal with.  I can't get over how angry this makes me!  Please keep us posted on any developments.  And Michael - please comment on this.
Sign me, 
Angry in Arkansas
PS  I wonder if they send notification to heart patients - you know in case they have an attack in the car, epileptics, anyone who's ever seen a paramedic?

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