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Subject: [IP] packing kid pumpers' lunches for school

<<wondering how moms/dads are packing lunches for their pumping kids.  do
actually figure out the bolus for each item of food and write it down for

I started packing lunches the day Jenna was diagnosed - continue it now with
the pump, writing down each food and its carbs.   Pays off, too.   Usually
Jenna just eats whatever I packed - but Monday, she thought the banana
looked "icky", so she cheerfully subbed a candy bar - but it did have the
same number of carbs as the banana, and all was well when she got home.

<<I know that in time geneva will be able to eyeball certain items...but for
now we are calculating her bolus for each item of food. >>

A calculator is a routine part of Jenna's diabetes kit.  She started
figuring boluses before they did long division in school, and they just
learned decimals, but she could read the number off the calculator and
bolus.  She still doesn't have a great "eyeball" for most things (nor do I),
but we're getting better.  Still can never estimate french fries well.


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