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Re: [IP] Humalog/Velosulin/Regular

> Two questions,ok?
> 1.It is not easy for me to get Velosulin, so if I want to mix
> Humalog,is it Humulin Regular,or Toronto,or what name?
A few list members are mixing Regular with H successfully. There are 
not reported problems that I'm aware of, Velosulin was simply the 
Insulin of choice when this all started and is buffered specifically 
for use in pumps.

> 2.Since a chang to Humalog,I believe there is some havoc being cause
> by my gastroparesis.I am trying the mix of 5:1-but can I increase
> the raio of regular/Velosulin,and how much. Barb C. had mentioned
> separately of a 50/50 mix-any other opinions,in light of the gastro?

See the ABOUT page of the web site for what percentage of various 
mixes are used by the list members.

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