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[IP] Merck-Medco

I use Merck-Medco as well, and hate them.  Had the same problem with
insulin (I bet it was about 2 years ago now), I actually had one of their
"nurses" to just "skip" my insulin until more came in the mail (first batch
was fried, after a discussion of why I couldn't use it and they needed to
send me more with some sort of insulation).  After talking to the
supervisor, I got approved to go out and buy some from a local pharmacy as
I waited for my second shipment to come.  Since then I haven't had problems
with them sending it uninsulated (however they have sent me the wrong type,
L instead of UL).

I use a FastTake and get my test strips through the mail.  The second time
I went to get them, they were out of stock, so I got a month's worth from
the pharmacy.  A key that someone who was actually NICE and HELPFUL (I've
tried to request her again, but have been told she was busy) told me that
when you have doc's write scripts, do NOT have them write "use as
directed".  For instance, my doc wrote a script for me to get #450 test
strips for 3 months and to use as directed.  Since the manufacter
(Lifescan) recomments "up to 4 times daily" they only sent me 400.  So I
called and found out that she should not have writen "use as directed" now
she just writes how many times a day (7) and I get them without a problem
(so far).

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