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[IP] Foot Doctor

Well I just had to share a great experience I had today.  I know I
complain a lot about the doctors here in AZ, but boy do I have an
awesome foot doctor.

I look at my feet every day, ok so I miss a few.  Well today I looked
and had a huge blister, larger than a quarter.  So I called the doctor.
I just don't mess around when it comes to my feet.  I've know too many
diabetics that didn't make that call and now they are footless.  Anyway,
he the doctor called me back and said your diabetic aren't you and I
said yes.  He said can you get in here right now.   Sure, I'll be there
in 20 minutes.  He reassured me several times that I as not crying wolf
and that more diabetics need to respond this way in order to save their
feet.  He reported that it was not infected but told me to stay off of
it as much as possible, so it can do it's thing and then next week I go
back for him to clean it up and just make sure all is ok.  He said call
if I am concerned at all.  I was so happy.  I feel very good knowing
that I have a doctor I can call who really cares and knows a lot about
diabetic feet.  He told me that if there had been the slightest amount
of redness I would be walking out on crutches and on antibiotics, which
I would have somewhat happily obliged.  Like I said, I've know too many
diabetics that didn't jump on the band wagon immediately and are no foot
less or have partial feet.

So, if are not established with a good foot doctor, I strongly advise
that you get one.  Just my humble opinion.

Fran in AZ

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