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Re: [IP] Pump questions

In a message dated 9/28/99 6:40:18 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Do they really NEED to be changed every 2-3
 days, or is this a marketing thing (in order to sell more supplies)?  >>
Depends on the person somewhat.  I went through about a year with no 
insurance where I had to pay full price myself.  I was able to go for 5 days 
between changes with no problem most times.  I set the syringe in on the 
"long" setting, where you take out the plastic piece with the special little 
tool thing (technical description). I just had to keep a good watch on my 
tape so it didn't come lose and the set start to come out or crimp.  Also, 
have used bent needles, which are cheaper, but no fun when they jab you 
occasionally.  I've tried longer, but the site becomes irritated and doesn't 
absorb well after that long.  I've heard of people going longer than that, 
but I can't.

<<Fourth.  Needle or softset?  I ordered the softsets, thinking they will
be more comfortable, but have NO IDEA.  Should I even bother trying the
needles.  Any advantages/disadvantages wither either?>>

Softsets are definitely more comfortable, that's why I switched.  However, 
bent needles are OK comfortwise.  Needles are cheaper, if you're paying 
yourself, and a bent needle never gets a crimp in it.  Another bent needle 
trick, if you think a site may be not absorbing you can pull out the bent 
needle, bolus with it out to make sure it's delivering through it, and 
reinsert it in another location, without having to throw out the set.  The 
manufacturers don't approve of this, but I've done it on more than one 

<<Last.  TRAVEL.  I travel extensively, including overseas and into
underdeveloped areas.  (although usually stay in developed or good
hotels/homes)  Also into places where it is HOT all the time (up to
115-120F).  Any suggestions for use, awareness issues,
backups/spares/redundants, etc.?>>  
I'd be sure to have adequate supplies with me.  Minimed will Fed Ex you a 
pump if you have a breakdown, which is rare, I've had one in three years.  
But if you're somewhere they can't get to I'd have a syringe handy.  And oh, 
the heat.  I live in Arizona and have worked outside extensively with my 
pump.  Any insulin will degrade in that kind of heat.  Generally I've found 
that my insulin stays good in the pump up to about a 105F day. Past that, I 
can go outside for about an hour at a time in 105F-120F days without a 
problem.  If I have to work on days that hot I've tried a fanny pack with 
"blue ice" in it and put the pump and the infusion line in there, that works 
pretty good, but you have to keep replacing the ice.  Also have found that my 
meter malfuctions, its a One Touch, in extreme temperatures.  It reads "NOT 
OK".  That's how I feel about the heat too!!!

Best of luck,
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