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Re: [IP] 3rd month pumping

Amy  -

You know what?  I was told by my CDE to also bolus (she said divide carbos
by 50 and take that amount).  I've been on the pump only 6 months myself.
SO, Ok for 5 months, it was high (at least I thought so, compared to what
peopole on this web page say).  I got out my book - "Pumping Insulin" - and
they gave a different number - divide carbos by 15.  OK tried that, and
results improved, but were not (NNNOT) consistent with this page.
When I count exchanges, iinstead of carbs, my results are perfect - but she
had to hear the results in numbers!  In the end, she asked me specifics, and
because I log everythiing, I could TELL her specifics!  So, now I divide by
8 instead of 15 - roughly twice as much insulin!!!!!!  Question your
educator!  Read the literature, and YOU decide!  Results should be good - I
was frustrated, like you, and it took 6 months to fix.  Do some testing, and
call your CDE!

Good luck, Jane

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