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[IP] Re: Need Advise-Doc suggests Glyset?

Lily's doc had "this" to say about "that"
Dr. Joe is a member of the Insulin Pumpers 
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From:          email @ redacted (J. Joseph Prendergast, MD)
Subject:       Re: (Fwd) [IP] Need Advise-Doc suggests Glyset?

The Glyset isn't not really good at preventing absorption, but rather
it tends to delay absorption.  It's like setting your pump at a
temporary basal but in the reverse situation for carbohydrates.  The
reason it causes weight loss is due to the side effects of bloating
and gas.  This is much the same way that Xenical causes weight loss. 
It is not weird and it might even work.  It should be safe because it
does not block all carbohydrates.

For weight loss we have had better luck by using metformin 500
milligrams BID in people with type one diabetes.

Dr. Joe

>From:          email @ redacted
>Date:          Tue, 28 Sep 1999 00:28:16 EDT
>Subject:       [IP] Need Advise-Doc suggests Glyset?
>To:            email @ redacted
>Reply-to:      email @ redacted
>Hi everyone,
>Have really enjoyed reading your posts for a week or so now. This is a
>really good therapy group for me.
>Now here's the question I wanted to ask and the reason I was searching
>the Internet for info.
>My Primary Care doc, an internist, strongly suggested that I try
>Glyset during my appt w/him. I am type 1 for 19 yrs, pumping 3 yrs, 39
>yrs old. Have most all of the complications, but most in beginning
>stages and holding.  What I don't like is that I've gained about 40
>lbs these last 3 years of pretty good control.  Not obese yet, but
>don't like my 180 lbs at 5' 8".  Started an exercise and weight
>training program.  Also trying a wheat-free diet (nothing made with
>wheat flour, like the good stuff, pasta, bread, etc.) and this has
>helped with lowering my high unpredictable through-the-night bgs.  
>He has treated about 50 type 2 (not type 1s) with Glyset. They
>experience good weight losses and their bgs improve. It prevents
>carbos from being absorbed.  It is not labeled for type 1s - I think
>he's trying to experiment on me and I'm not so sure its a good idea. 
>If your carbs are not absorbed you would need a lower amount of
>insulin, but how much lower? 10%, 30%, or more??  If I mis-judged and
>over-insulined (a technical term <smile>) I could hypo of course, and
>with the Glyset in my system preventing carbo absorbtion, could be a
>tricky situation.  Only way out could be to inject Glucagon at that
>Anybody tried this drug, or is this Doc way off in left field??
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