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Re: [IP] Two Sites At A Time

Bob, in
"daytect" <email @ redacted>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 18:33:46 -0400
>This may be "off the wall",
>has anyone ever ... put two infusion sets in place at one time?
>another reason to ... do this?
When using the Maersk set, or by distributing suppliers' names
Disetronic Tender
MiniMed Silhouette
Pureline Comfort
I will usually at the end of one set's time on-site,
(around 3 days we hope!)
insert the next set,
transfer the tubing to the new set,
leave the "old set" in place if it looks good and was working,
until a few hours later after I have confirmed good delivery
from the newly-inserted "new set",
then remove the "old set".
If I found or suspected delivery problems with the new set,
I could revert to the "old set" for a correcting bolus and
continue basal delivery through it for another half-day or so.
Then try another new set when I get home, say.

SofSet QR users could probably scheme-up a similar method.
I usually use 3 Tender-sets per fill of my Disetronic pump
cartridge, and if the 3rd change is before the cartridge-change
I will use the set but keep the new tubing in its package
for use a day later when I do change the cartridge.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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