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Re: [IP] Drivers License - Paramedics ...

How do
>other states handle it?  Apparently here the paramedics are required to
>report this to the MVD.  I have instructed Steve to never ever call the
>paramedics.  Just give me glucagon, which we have three in the house,
>and drive me to the ER.  Gee's I sure don't want my licenses suspended.
>She is pursuing several avenues to get this resolved.  If those avenue
>don't work were half tempted to go to the MVD and as them ( yelling from
>on top of a counter ) what they know about diabetes that scientist don't
>know for we would love to "correct" this.  We also thought and we'd ask
>if anyone has an extra pancreas they want to give to her.
>So be forewarned any of you arizonians and I am very curious as to what
>other states do.


I had a rude awakening when I moved to Ohio (9 years ago) & went in to get
my driver's license transfered from a West Virginia to an Ohio license.
Instead of allowing me to make the change that day (which, I gather from
others who have done it, should have been a very simple & painless process),
they took away my WV license (also my only photo ID at the time) & gave me a
"temporary" (a piece of paper with info typed in, which I discovered that no
one in any official capacity seems to regard as a legal license of any
sort).  I couldn't get an Ohio one until I had two separate doctors' written
confirmations that it was safe for me to be allowed to operate a motor
vehicle...regardless of the fact that I had held a license in another (right
next door) state for the previous 5 years, & had a clean driving record.
Once I had the docs' letters, they had to be sent in to Columbus for some
high muckety-muck to apply a stamp of approval, before the local license
bureau could then administer a test to see if I would indeed be granted the
privilege of driving here.  The entire process took close to two months...&
if you are not licensed the "regular way", it is a nightmare to get auto
insurance as well...just a mess from start to finish.  And why did I have to
go through all of this?  Because when the nice officer asked if I suffered
from anything like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, I was honest enough
to say "yes."  Is it any wonder so many people lie to dodge the legal traps
out there?


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