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Re: [IP] Kids With Pumps

I find this discussion very interesting because just this weekend I told 
Stephen he could try a week on his own: I would not tell him to test, ask him 
what his number was, remind him to bolus etc.  He has become very cavalier 
and has not been writing down his tests/boluses/carbos, and his numbers have 
been swinging as much as on MDI.  I have been hassling him about it and he 
has not responded.  I thought if I had him do it all on his own, he may take 
more responsibility.  I told him if he has problems, questions or concerns 
because of 3 lows in a row or something, to come and ask, and if he wants to 
give up after 3 days and get my input again, that would be fine, but I need 
to know he knows what he is doing if I'm not around, so I thought I would 
give this a try.  Keep in mind that my Stephen is 12, in 7th grade, has had D 
since he was 5 and started pumping the end of July.  
Based on what I've read what I'm doing is ok for some of you, but a little to 
soon for others.  I'll let you know how it goes.
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