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Re: [IP] Kids With Pumps

This is in response to Kevin and others carrying cell phones in school.

My 7 yr old carries one to consult and notify me as to what is going on, on
a daily basis.  Today was just a single ring and hang up that indicated that
all was well and that she actually bolused for lunch.  Last week she and her
teacher called to get guidance on an un-labeled cookie consumption and
bolus.  It is more convenient that running to the office every time she
needs to have a 30 sec conversation with me and I think it a very reasonable
accommodation.  If I call her I call the office and go through the normal
channels.  Generally, if she calls me it is from the lunch table.  If she
calls from class the teacher has requested it or she is high and unsure of
how to calc and overlapping bolus.  Should she have to go to the office to
eat a snack?  My test is .. do the other kids have to go to the office to
eat a snack?...No   Therefore we should try to find a way to let her have a
snack at the same time in the same place as the other kids.  Also her phone
is off unless she is calling me.

If you haven't noticed, school nurses are rarely there and therefore relying
on their participation is foolish.  

Our school has made a big turn around since last year and is allowing us to
do what we need to.  

Here is a question:  By what authority do schools take legal items from
children?  I would maintain that they have no authority to perpetrate
assault and robbery.  If something is to be removed from a child it must be
illegal contraband.  If some one steals a pager, phone, pump, butter knife
or anything from my child they will be prosecuted, especially if they are an

Legally, can they keep her from carrying a cellphone?  I don't think so.
Can they keep her from using it in class...yes.  If she needed to use it and
they prevented it and something bad happened would they be wrong?  yes.  

Curtis Lomax

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