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Re: [IP] cost of supplies

>  We live in NY, so part of the year heat is not
> a problem, but to send it in July, during a heatwave without
> refrigeration or insulation is ridiculous!  They just sent it in a
> padded envelope and from the postmark, I could tell it had taken 5
> days to reach us!!  I refused to use it and they made us wait
> another 2 and a half weeks to get more.   Instead of just replacing
> it, they said they couldn't REFILL (it WASN'T a REFILL!) a
> prescription so soon without my doctor's authorization so they
> decided to wait a week to call him and THEN take yet another week to
> mail it out....AT WHICH POINT, they sent it overnight, but STILL in
> just a stupid padded envelope. 

This problem can be fixed. The companies that make insulin have 
PUBLISHED handling requirements. If the pharmacy fails to follow 
these "recommend" guidelines, the drug can be damaged and is 
considered useless. A few letters to the insurance company AND the 
manufacturer of the insulin can do wonders. I had several 
conversations with Eli Lilly about problems with my mail order 
pharmacy -- Merck Medco. Turns out that I was not the only one.... 
Lilly had been talking to them about just the problem you describe 
and thought the problem was resolved  heh... heh... guess again... 
Anyway, they went back to them and so did the insurance company. For 
the last year, my daughter's ionsulin has shown up in insulated 
shipping containers.

My advise -- squeeky wheel gets oiled!!!

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