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Re: [IP] Oreos and tummy aches

Just a thought but maybe it is allergy to wheat/flour? causing the tummy
aches or whatever is in the frostings etc? 

At 01:32 PM 09/28/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Question for you all.  Do any of you get stomach aches or diarrhea from too
>much sugar?  Even if Jessica's blood sugar is normal, things like oreos or
>birthday cake, those high sugar items make her feel sick to her stomach.
>Maybe being diagnosed at 9 months she never developed a taste for "sweets",
>but we go through this at birthday parties all the time.  She wants that
>cake, but gets that tummy ache later, usually followed by frequent trips to
>the restroom.  Any advice?
>Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 
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