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Re: [IP] cost of supplies

In a message dated 9/28/99 12:30:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I tried to order insulin thru the mail
 order pharmacy, but was told since that has to be kept refridgertaed that I
 couldn't get it thru them.  does anyone else get their insulin thru the
 mail?  could it be that I live in AZ and it is just too darn hot here.  I
 could see that, but I am just curious. >>

Hi Dante,
        Well, I WISH our mail order would refuse to send us insulin, because 
we MUST order ANY maintenance drug (including insulin) through mail order and 
they have sent it to us in 110 degree heatwave in a REGULAR padded envelope 
through the REGULAR mail!  AND they expected us to still use it!  We live in 
NY, so part of the year heat is not a problem, but to send it in July, during 
a heatwave without refrigeration or insulation is ridiculous!  They just sent 
it in a padded envelope and from the postmark, I could tell it had taken 5 
days to reach us!!  I refused to use it and they made us wait another 2 and a 
half weeks to get more.   Instead of just replacing it, they said they 
couldn't REFILL (it WASN'T a REFILL!) a prescription so soon without my 
doctor's authorization so they decided to wait a week to call him and THEN 
take yet another week to mail it out....AT WHICH POINT, they sent it 
overnight, but STILL in just a stupid padded envelope.  I have SO many more 
horror stories about our mail order and unfortunately we have no other choice 
but to use it, or PAY for everything ourselves.....Just one more insurance 

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