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Re: [IP] packing kid pumpers' lunches for school

Hi Ruth-

You asked "do you actually figure out the bolus for each item of food and write it down for them?"

To date, yes.  Eric has been pumping for about a month and is also new to carb counting.  We started just ten days before school started.  We've changed ratios a couple of times so I'm not yet comfortable leaving him on his own.  I guess I'm also afraid that the habit of bolusing may not yet be completely ingrained and he might forget altogether between the time he tests in the nurse's office and then gets to the cafeteria to eat.

Most of the time when he eats we figure the carb count and ratio together.  He gets his lunch together in the morning and I then go over the carbs/insulin needed with him and put a reminder note on his sandwich (which he eats first).  School has been in session a couple of weeks and I've been wondering if I'm overdoing things and if I ought to step back a little and see how he does.  It's a little scary to relinquish control, isn't it?

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