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Re: [IP] packing kid pumpers' lunches for school

> while on the subject of taking calculators and carb counting books
> to school.
> items...but for now we are calculating her bolus for each item of
> food.  since her carb ratio changed, the math is more difficult for
> her to do in her head.  (1:30 was real easy,  1:35 is not)

get her a wallet calculator (and a spare for when it's lost) and just 
put down the carbs. She can run the calculator and needs the 
responsibility. That way she will get in the habit and also do it for 
the treats she gets in class and from school mates. Not time like the 
present to pass on the responsibility. It will help her become 
independent and self reliant -- a big plus for a child with diabetes.

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