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Re: [IP] exercise effects?

> About a month ago, I started playing racquetball a couple of times a
> week for about an hour at a time.  To avoid lows during the serious
> exercise involved, I put my pump on suspend and usually eat a
> glucose tab or two during the games.  
Try a small snack before the game, power-bar or crackers to get 
constant glucose release while you play.

> but starting
> about 4 hours after the exercise, have really sky-rocketed up to bgs
> over 300.  They come down with high bg bolusing, but what I don't
> understand where they're coming from in the first place. 
Consider the possibility of a hidden low. This has been reported a 
couple of times by straight Humalog users. All the rebound symptoms 
of a low with no obvious other effects except a "wierd" feeling but 
with good measured bg's -- sorry , don't know any more. My daughter 
reported this feeling and had a few unexplained highs following them 
when she first started using H, but since she now mixes there have 
been no more incidents.

You might try a rigorus series of bg tests during the time after one 
of your work outs to see what really happens, maybe a data point 
every 30 minutes. Perhaps that will give you better insight.

> And should
> I anticipate them by using a temporary basal rate after the
> exercise.  
If it works, what the heck!!
Got a better idea?
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