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[IP] 3rd month pumping

ok all
 didn't eat breakfast..sore stomach once again, so at
6:30 i was 115, 8:30(am--in school) 120, and 10:30
(right b4 lunch..) i was 124! great! so my am basals
are perfect. darn it! as though sore stomachs and all
this infection stuff going on now isn't enough,...i
keep being told to eat, so fine, i had crackers at
lunch and then figured so i'd had less then 200 cals
maybe i should eat something more (no, my mom doens't
starve me, she gives me a sandwich  i just give it to
a friend...) but anyhow..bought some cookies..total of
44 g carbs...my ratio is 1:15, so that was 3.0 for the
cookies..well when I decided i was actually going to
"eat" i forgot to bolus for the orignial crackers.
still swear i did , i remember looking at my pump and
programming 1.5 so maybe i didn't push the final
activate or whatever. came home from school and once
again, like since i got the uti...i'm fine until i eat
then bg stay over 250...looked through pump history,
says i only bolused 3.0 instead of the 4.5 i should
have... crackers (19g cho)
 so this is my humor of the dya...today is my exact
3rd month anniversary pumping and i had been able to
say i hadn't forgotten a bolus...ooops!! hehe,
shouldn't have had those cookies! anyhow have done 4.5
correction to get down from the high from forgetting a
third of the bolus..last check i was still high, but
talk about weird! 
 oh, yeah, my mom told me the antibiotic may be making
my stomach hurt..what i find weird is it hurts after
several hours, like 2 hrs before i'm due for the next
 anyway, the humor of my day. i was half glad i forgot
the bolus b/c i am tired of unexplained highs, from
who knows what (not forgetting the 5 set changes in 2
days, my tolerance is a little low right now!)
 take care

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