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Re: [IP] packing kid pumpers' lunches for school

We go through the lunch menu for the month and she picks the days she wants
to eat the school food.  For those days, I break down each item that she can
eat and give her the bolus amount for it.  That way she can pick and choose
what she wants and bolus accordingly.  And if she doesn't want a particular
item, she can just skip that amount of bolus.  Other days she packs her own
lunch and then I figure the carbs for it.   She is at 1:20 exchange and does
her own boluses in the cafeteria before she eats.  She has come a long way
from last year in first grade when the nurse insisted on doing her bolus for
her in the clinic right before lunch.  Now she tests on the way to the
cafeteria and then she is pretty much on her own and doing fantastic.  She
does know not to bolus extra or eat anything not on the list, so I don't
worry about that too much.

Take Care,
Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year 

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