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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #502

the carb book NOW goes into the lunch box along with the calculator.  I am
off today to purchase another book/calculator for home use.  this way ,
there is NO problem.

>she has now memorized (voluntarily) the
> carb/insulin requirements for literally dozens of cookies, fruits,
> etc.

geneva actually does know in the short three months of pumping quite a few
of her favorites.  but I never buy oreos and bugles!   I STILL have to look
up pasta/rice/potatoes.

..> did you know that a thompson seedless is 0.1 unit

this was one of the very first things that she memorized.  only because when
she first started pumping...she thought "just one little grape won't hurt
me".  we later discovered how much one little grape brought her up!


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