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Re: [IP] Pump questions

I have found that you need to change the site about every three to 
days.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is I use all 3 mL of
insulin after 3ish days and the other is the site starts to get really
achy.  I love my minimed, and am not a gadget geek so I do not 
have any
information regarding the extras.  I would only use the soft set.  It 
is so
comfortable you have no idea it is even in.  I have tried the needles
because I want to get pregnant and the doc said that I would need 
to change
and I found it much less comfortable.  My only advice to you 
because of the
hot weather is to use an IV prep instead of alcolhol to prep.  The IV prep
is sticky and will help the tape secure the set.  Otherwise the tape will
get sweated off and the softset will not be secure.  The only things I
would warn you about is that if you use alot of insulin, you will be
replacing the batteries often.  GOOD LUCK

Chuck.k wrote:

> OK, It T-2 for the arrival on my pump (MiniMed 507C) and my mind is
> racing with questions about it.

> First off.  Infusion sets.  Do they really NEED to be changed every 2-3
> days, or is this a marketing thing (in order to sell more supplies)?
> These things seem like the most overpriced items in the book (if you
> minus out the incredibly overpriced pump).  How do these folks justify
> charging something in the neighborhood of $250 per month JUST for
> infusion sets?  Sure, the insurance company will pick up like 80-90% of
> it, but I'm still paying into the insurance company and HATE seeing them
> getting ripped off.  I really feel sorry for folks who either don't have
> insurance, or whose insurance doesn't cover much.

> Second question.  My Doc recommended the MiniMed (he uses one himself)
> but have heard both good and bad about it AND the 'other' brand of
> pump.  One of the reasons I kind of wanted to try the MM is the computer
> interface (hey, what can I say.  I'm a gadget geek).  NOW I come to find
> out the interface isn't even available yet.  WHY do companies advertise
> stuff they don't offer for sale?

> Fourth.  Needle or softset?  I ordered the softsets, thinking they will
> be more comfortable, but have NO IDEA.  Should I even bother trying the
> needles.  Any advantages/disadvantages with either?

> Thanks for any answers/opinions in advance.  
> Chuck

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