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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #502

> geneva came home from school yesterday with a 380 reading.  I asked
> her if she forgot to bolus for lunch at noon.  she said no. but
> ...later...after more querying...she admitted that I had not given
> her enough lunch, and her friends offered her oreos and "bugles" 
> and she did not know how many carbs.  therefore..no bolus!!

So generate a small list (physically small) that has the carb and 
insulin info for as many of the junk food items as you can find. My 
daughter is a grazer and she has now memorized (voluntarily) the 
carb/insulin requirements for literally dozens of cookies, fruits, 
etc... did you know that a thompson seedless is 0.1 unit?? (or 
something like that!!)

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