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[IP] kids and pumps

Thank you for so many replies on the issue about Kevin giving himself extra 
We DO compliment Kevin for taking such a big step towards his own management. 
MY biggest concern was that we thought we had the boluses/basals all worked 
out and then started seeing crazy spikes or drops that just didn't make any 
sense. I would ask him about his day and say "did you eat anything unusual, 
or bolus different than we planned that day???" and he never "came clean!"  
My concern is that he was doing this behind our backs so to speak. Friday I 
said to him, maybe he was having a growth spurt and MAYBE we need to basal 
check again and he was dead set against it saying....wait until next 
week...it may get better! Then yesterday, it all came to a head.

I welcome him making suggestions for boluses and corrections....in fact we do 
it  as a team for meals at home. BUT when I feel like we have come to an 
understanding ahead of time (before school) and he does this without saying 
anything to us...letting us believe that the spikes and drops are just 
happening...I get concerned. 

I feel like we hit the root of the problem during our lengthy discussion 
lastnight. When he is "out of range" at school, he has to call and discuss 
what correction he should get (at lunch). Some upper class kids have been 
giving him a rough time about "calling MOMMY" everyday. His class understands 
and are very supportive of him. I feel bad for him and we are going to see if 
he can call in a less conspicuous place from now on. IF he is in range, he 
just goes with what is on his carb-card for the lunch. 

He also has a real hard time with not correcting before the 4 hours are up. 
Especially in school. He is more active, and gets more sweaty. So, when he 
comes in from playing and feels "funny" he goes to check (which is wonderful) 
but THEN thinks he should correct no matter how long it has been. We are 
being very patient with him on this topic and just tell him what works best 
for him and what would happen if he DID correct then. But it can be a battle. 
("It's MY diabetes")

He was concerned about loosing the pump after this, and when I was up 
checking him lastnight he mumbled "I don't want to go back on shots!!!"  We 
would NOT consider taking it away, but I feel my concerned feelings are 
valid. He was doing what was wrong (for his body) even if it wasn't 
intentional and even if he was trying to be independent.  At his age (11) I 
feel like some things are NOT negotiable. Ya know? We are responsible for his 
safety...and this is part of it.   We said lastnight, that we had to convince 
his Endo, and the insurance co. that he was going to be responsible enough to 
handle this and we don't want to let them down!

I really try to back off and give him independence and praise where he 
deserves this...but I'm not so sure about in this case. "Yeah, I know WHAT 
you were trying to do, but eeeeeeeeeeee   you went about it a little wrong! " 
I dunno. I'm doing the best I can.

Thanks again for your responses! You are a great help.

mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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