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[IP] ugh, what a day...my 12 year old and her pump

Rachel called from school yesterday about 30mins before lunch. She wasn't 
feeling good and decided to test. She was over 300 ugh... She went to the 
nurse and called me. I told her to check the site (she said it was fine), 
check tubing for bubbles, (fine), then bolus to correct, and then bolus when 
she goes to lunch. The nurse immediately called me back and asked if I was 
sure I wanted her to do the double bolus (within 30 mins). I told her yes, 
everything was fine. She was a little nervous, but did not interfere. I told 
Rachel to call me back after lunch and recess to make sure the number was 
coming down.  Ugh...panic...the meter said "Hi, Danger, Call MD."  I thought 
the nurse would die. I told her I would be there in 15 minutes with a Humalog 
pen. When I got to school (just minutes away), I gave her an 8 unit 
correction ... this should bring her down about 400 points. I then checked 
the site, and low and behold, it was completely out. Ahhhh... I could have 
shot her...LOL. I decided to bring her home for the rest of the day (just one 
more hour). When we got home, we checked for ketones. Oh yeah, they were 
there. And moderate ones at that. No wonder she was feeling crummy. After 
applying her Emla patch, I called her Endo. I told her what we did, and she 
said everything seemed under control, just keep fluids going, and check again 
for ketones. 

I am very impatient, so I had her check her bg's about every 30 minutes. I 
was never sure exactly how high she was, so I wanted to make sure the 
correction was right. Within 30 minutes, she was down to 500something (I 
know, ahhh, but at least I knew it was dropping). For the next 3 hours, we 
monitored and did one more correction bolus. Ketones went away, and all is 

What a day!  I think Rachel learned her lesson about checking the site. She 
just didn't want to be to bothered with it, and she ended up not getting 
insulin for who know how long. I don't even know if it was still in at 

I believe the next time I tell Rachel to check her site, she  really will 
check it. Everything could have  been corrected with the first phone call. I 
would have given her an injection of Humalog, while we waited for the Emla to 
do it's stuff (she doesn't like to use ice), then reinserted. Ugh, these kids 
of ours.  But, at least I knew that with just a little intervention, this was 
not a real big deal. Within a few hours, all was well.

Mom to Rachel, 12
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