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[IP] geneva, nightime basals , etc.

gianna,  dianne,  linda,  et al.

had a pretty successful skating slumberparty night on saturday , with BGs in
the 90's until bedtime.  she lost control after that as she didn't get to
sleep until 4 am and was high as a kite when she tested at 10  a.m.
smoothies and choc. chip pancakes!

I got ready to tackle sunday night again with this temp. basal beginning at
bedtime.  didn't work.  she was high all night.  high the next am...and if
you recall, she went to school high and I thought she would spend the day in
nurses' office with her syringe!
I did manage to get her to take an injection as she flew out the door.  she
came down at school and was great until lunchtime. (so this leads me to
believe her night time highs were hormonal)   at lunch she  then ate her
friends' oreos and 'bugles' and did not bolus.  home at 3 pm and was 380.

we did a site change...HER decision...she could have gone another day with
her insulin supply.

so...last night we did the temp basal with fresh site.   IT WORKED!

geneva's basal had been running 0.4 since afternoon

bedtime   8:45     BG  95
treated with 4 carb glucose tab..brings her up about 18-20 points

set temp. basal of 1.0  to last until 1 am  (4 hours)  which had me a bit
worried because michael mentioned failure if temp. basal set too long.

12 midnight:   BG  198
I held off on correcting  (this is REALLY hard for me, but I am glad I did)

3 am:   BG  134

7 am:   BG  140

we ramped down  her basals starting at 1 am.  she went from the temp. basal
of 1.0 down to 0.3 from 1 am until 3 am.

then at 4 am down to 0.2.

up to 0.4 at 7 am wakeup.
but her 2 am and wakeup were within john walsh's target of 20-30 points of
bedtime BG.  now I just have to tweak a bit.

this is exciting.  I feel like we have overcome a huge hurdle for the
nightime basals.  except when she has these unexplained high periods.

so if we are running OK during the day with BG's  I am going to assume that
we can do this temp. basal.  it is when we have this fluky time of big highs
starting at 9 pm that the temp. won't work.

geneva also had nothing to eat since dinner at 6 pm.  I am sure this has
something to do with the success of this scenario.  (per michael)

thanks for all of your words of wisdom and support.  this is still a problem
area for us, but we are getting closer and closer.

mom to geneva, age 10 1/2
having a heck of a time with night time basals/levels.

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