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[IP] A1C

Got my results back on my test from last week and was again 6.1.
yippee!!!  Oh yeah and my triglicerides were 33.  Where did that come
from? Both were the same last time.  I also found out something new.  I
don't know how many of you remember the thread a few weeks ago but I had
stated that I had documented that my H stayed around 5 hours after a
bolus. Well I decided to experiment and placed the Sil. over my rib cage
and voila!!  3 hours!!  Now my numbers are in range 95 % of the time
with the exception of last night when I forgot to bolus for supper.  Oh
well nobody's perfect. Well after 8 months of pumping the learning still
goes on but I guess the lesson for me is to stay away form my abdomen
due to the 3 c-sections.  I can't say there are problems there due to
years of injecting there, I never used that spot before pumping.  Live
and Learn! Sheila

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