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Re: [IP] cost of supplies

after reading some of these posts about medial supplies and insurance,  I
felt compelled to suggest a solution to some of those folks.

when we lived in VA, and G. was on MDI,  we got all of our diabetes supplies
through a company called

East Coast Diabetic Supply
Zebulon,  NC  27597

we had Aetna Insurance at the time and this company handled everything at NO
cost to us.  we would just pick up the phone,  tell them what Geneva needed
and they shipped it to us.

we were able to get things like the "Inject-Ease",  the "pen" and another
back up meter without ANY hassles whatsoever.  for some reason,  this
company would just write diabetes supplies and Aetna did not question it.
I could get as much insulin or syringes at a time that we wanted.  we would
get double orders of test strips so I didn't have to call in supply orders
every month.
this is a legitimate business run by a couple I think...very friendly and
helpful.  I also noticed that they are a christian organization based on the
mention of God in their written correspondance with me.  (not that it

they didn't know what the "pen" was at the time I placed the order, but
looked it up in their catalog and ordered it.  the woman  said as long as we
knew who the manufacturer was, they would get it!

I assume that they can do this for pumping supplies.  it might be worth a
try for anyone having trouble getting certain items to call them .  I know
that they will ship to east coast folks,  but prob. not too far away because
of heat/insulin

they were always careful to ship the next day and with ice packs.  they are
organized and efficient and quick!  we always got our order within a couple
of days.

hope this helps somebody.


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