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[IP] Drivers License - Paramedics ...

This is both a question and a warning to diabetics who live in Arizona.

A friend of mine who has been Type I for 50 years and is a CDE called me
yesterday very upset.  She has been in Arizona for approximately three
years.  Six months ago she called the paramedics for herself.  She had
managed to get to the phone and get some juice in her.  By the time they
arrived she was a little better.  They asked her what happened and she
explained.  Now remember this was six months ago and her first call to
the paramedics.  She received a call yesterday from the department of
motor vehicles stating that she was having her licensed suspended for 90
days and in those 90 days she to "correct the problem" so this would
never happen again.  I have never ever heard of this in my 37 years of
diabetes and 21 of them driving.  I haven't had the pleasure of calling
the paramedics in AZ, but in WA they got called about 10 times in 34
years of diabetes and I never ever had my licenses suspended.  How do
other states handle it?  Apparently here the paramedics are required to
report this to the MVD.  I have instructed Steve to never ever call the
paramedics.  Just give me glucagon, which we have three in the house,
and drive me to the ER.  Gee's I sure don't want my licenses suspended.

She is pursuing several avenues to get this resolved.  If those avenue
don't work were half tempted to go to the MVD and as them ( yelling from
on top of a counter ) what they know about diabetes that scientist don't
know for we would love to "correct" this.  We also thought and we'd ask
if anyone has an extra pancreas they want to give to her.

So be forewarned any of you arizonians and I am very curious as to what
other states do.

Fran in ( az where you don't want to call the paramedics and you don't
want to go to the ER unconscious!  )

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