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[IP] Fundraising

I agree with the post in regards to how few of us (myself included) have
donated $$$.  I am guaranteeing that my father will chip in some in the next
week or so (I am but a poor starving grad student and really don't have a
few extra bucks right now).

But I also wanted to mention or plead that individual ip members do NOT
contact minimed or diestronic directly.  I have done a minor bit of
fundraising in other organizations and the last thing we want to do is annoy
them to death. Michael has mentioned that he had been prodding them along,
and maybe if at some point, HE thinks we need an organized effort we can
start one, but I would caution
members against email floods/etc. to the pump companies.  Let's try the
"professional" approach first.

If and when we do decide an organized letter writing campaign might be of
help, paper letters are worth a thousand emails.

Lastly if anyone has major fundraising experience with corporations(mine is
severely limited), I know Michael would appreciate the help...

We need to look at this in one way:  this list will die if we don't help.
No individual should have to bear the cost of an organization that benefits
so many....

Susan, imagining if I had five children to put through college and support
in addition to the medical bills we ALL bear....

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