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Subject: [IP] kids with pumps

Hi Robin,
Don't scream or cry, because you did the RIGHT thing when you talked a long
time - you educated.  We've had some times, too, where Jenna has tried to
"think through" a problem with her diabetes, and came up with a
10-year-old's conclusion that just didn't make sense to the adult way of
thinking.  Re-emphasize how it is that you decide on a number of units to
bolus when you're high - that you've got to know what your sugar is in order
to figure a correction - guessing won't ever get you there.

How do you double check what Kevin's done with his pump?  I keep Jenna's log
book.  To her, it seems like I'm doing this so she doesn't have to, which
she appreciates.  But, in reality, what it does is let me review what her
blood sugars were for the day, as I get them off the meter, and what she
bolused for the day.  Most of the boluses are pretty easy to figure out -
meals, after school, etc. - but, occasionally, there's one that I don't
understand and have to ask her about.  Since it's non -threatening (I just
need to know what to write down), she doesn't seem to mind my asking.
Occasionally, then, it will open up discussion about changes we need to
make, or decisions that maybe could have been different.

Jenna's younger than Kevin, I know, doesn't have quite the same adolescent
drive for independence yet.  But remember, we all learn more from our
mistakes than our triumphs.

Nancy Morgan

<<One incredible thing we just found out....Kevin has been trying to
things on his own at school with his pump. It came out today that he felt he
needed extra insulin...so he gave himself more.
I am really upset by this, and we talked for a long long time about it.
It makes me want to scream or cry....which should I do?

Mom of Kevin>>

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