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[IP] $$$ Donations to this list?

To all subscribers to Pumpers, Ink:

Michael's report that only 24 members out of a total of over 1,700 have
responded to his plea for support is astonishing.  Everybody who reads
and participates in this discussion should think for a moment about how
much real value you get here, toward managing your diabetes or that of
your child.  Where else can you find the kind of advice or information
about coping with diabetes and managing your pump therapy?  There are so
many experienced pump users here who answer your questions daily, and
without remuneration.  Every day, there are new pump users logging on,
having their hands held as they leap the first difficult hurdles, as
well as diabetics who join just to find out more about pumps before
deciding to get one.

This is such a valuable forum that it would be a tremendous loss if it
had to go off the air for lack of support.  For two years, Michael has
borne all of the considerable costs by himself, not to mention countless
hours of time he devotes to its care and feeding.  Now his plea for
modest contributions ($20-25!) to help him continue are falling mostly
on deaf ears.  I think this is shameful.

Ultimately, it ought to be major beneficiaries of having a forum like
this -- MiniMed and Disetronic, to name a couple -- who should fund this
non-profit discussion.  I think it will happen in time -- especially if
people here will write letters to the mfrs urging their financial
support for Pumpers.  But in the meantime, everybody -- please! --
consider sending in a small contribution to keep the list going, and as
a way of acknowledging Michael's efforts, for which he receives nothing
in return.

Lee Lockwood
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